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Should I buy compatibles or originals?


  • Original –  An original cartridge is manufactured by the same company that manufactured the printer.
  • Compatible – A compatible cartridge is manufactured by a different company, i.e. one that doesn’t manufacture printers.
  • Remanufactured – Remanufactured are original cartridges which have been used once, returned, cleaned, all working parts replaced and then refilled (more common with toner cartridges).

Compatible and remanufactured cartridges are just as reliable as original cartridges, the ink formulation will be incredibly close to that of an original cartridge. Colour reproduction, accuracy of print and ease of use, will be as good as the original product but could save you up to 60%.

Price Differential


Original cartridges are priced high since the manufacturer may have set the price of the printer low, to attract the customer in the first place. Compatible cartridges cost less as they do not have to offset the cost of printer manufacture. So, be aware, if you purchase a “cheap” printer, that the cost of a set of original inks or toners could cost almost the same as the printer itself.  Furthermore, sometimes compatible cartridges are not available, only remanufactured cartridges are and the saving in these cases would only be up to 30% as opposed to up to 60% savings on many other compatibles.

Will compatibles affect printer warranty?


There are very few ways a cartridge can break a printer. Reputable suppliers will guarantee the performance of the machine in the rare case of cartridge failure. Manufacturers are legally required to provide a 1-year guarantee on electrical products and are not allowed to supply with anti-competitive terms. In other words, the manufacturer of the printer cannot insist that the user only uses their brand of ink or toner cartridge. If there is a fault with the printer, they must prove that the third-party cartridges caused it.

The manufacturer should arrange for an engineer to visit and determine the fault and what caused it. If the printer was at fault it is their responsibility to fix the problem. If the cartridge was faulty, then the supplier of the printer may still accept responsibility and repair is usually covered in the form of a guarantee. Harlequin Printer Supplies provide a guarantee under which a faulty cartridge will be replaced free of charge. In the unlikely event that a faulty cartridge damages a printer, we will cover the cost of repair or replacement of the printer.

Extended warranty


These optional warranties are provided by the manufacturer and they can set their own terms. This means that they can void the warranty on the printer for using third party cartridges. If this is the case, there are remedies available:

  • Contact the manufacturer as the problem may be a known printer fault.
  • If the printer manufacturer refuses to help, contact the supplier of the printer explaining the problem as they may have a guarantee that covers it.
  • If the consumable caused the problem, they may arrange for an independent engineer to fix the issue and find the fault (as they should guarantee their products).
  • If the cartridge was the cause, the cartridge suppliers guarantee should cover it (as Harlequin Printer Supplies guarantee does).
  • If the printer is at fault, you have an engineer’s report to talk to the manufacturer about and they should then accept responsibility and change the printer.

Printer not recognising the cartridge?