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Harlequin Printer Supplies Predictable Payment Plans


If you find the amount you spend on printer consumables is high one month, low or zero the next, and you would like to end these peaks and troughs to help ease your cash flow, or to make budgeting accurate and predictable, we can help you.

1. Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan Bronze

We analyse your last 12 months printer consumable purchases, work out how much that would have cost had you purchased from Harlequin Printer Supplies, and divide by 12 to get a consistent monthly payment. By utilising reports from the printers, we can work out when you printer may need the less regular consumable parts such as imaging units, transfer belts and waste units. We can then build that into your fee so you are not hit with surprises. It’s as simple as that. As standard you receive free next day delivery and free recycling. Biannual reviews will be carried out to ensure your monthly payments are on track.

2. Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan Silver

All that is included in Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan Bronze plus annual cleaning of your printer. This includes the cleaning of rollers, checking fuser units and paper feed mechanism which will help prevent the frequent and time-consuming faults such as paper-jamming. It will help prolong the life of your printers and help maintain the quality of your print.

Should one of your printers develop a fault, we will see if we can fix the fault for you, but if we can’t, we will loan you a printer while yours is out of action. We will arrange to get it fixed for you by an approved printer repair company. All you pay for is the parts if needed.

3. Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan Gold

All that is included in Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan Silver plus the inclusion of a brand-new printer. By understanding your requirements, we will help you choose the right printer for your business. The monthly fee will be set for 36 months and reviewed every 6 months to ensure the plan is still accurate. At the end of the term you choose whether you wish to carry on with the same printer under the terms of Bronze or Silver plans, or you start a new Gold plan with a new printer.

The Small Print:

Silver and Gold Predictable Payment Plans are only currently available in LE Postcodes.
Order consumables by emailing enquiries@harlequinprintersupplies.com or telephoning 0116 4620577.

If you would like to know more about how a Harlequin Predictable Payment Plan could benefit your business, please telephone 0116 4620577 or complete the enquiry form.